“Kristy has a gift for immediately engaging kids and making them feel like they can do whatever is being asked of them."

~Kelly D., San Diego

30-Day “Fill In the Gaps” Challenge


  • For kids 8+

  • 30 days of instruction (5 days a week over six weeks)

  • Kids get the first part of our literacy program, what I call “Extreme Phonics.”

  • Each day is intense learning, but in a relaxed environment… and a little bit of fun sprinkled in.

  • Besides the teaching sessions, there will be games and fun challenges to deepen their connections to the materials and enhance their newfound skills.

  • We know life happens, so each day will be recorded for you to watch at a time that works for you.

  • Although we know life happens, this is an intensive. Each day builds on the day before, so skipping days will impact your results.

  • Kids will gain confidence in their ability to tackle unfamiliar words, which in turn will impact their comprehension in a positive way.


It's never too late to improve your reading skills.

Once you see a child's self-image begin to improve, you will see significant gains in achievement areas, but even more important, you will see a child who is beginning to enjoy life more.

~ Wayne Dyer

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